Built with composability in mind ⚙

Gearbox Protocol brings you composable leverage. It allows anyone to margin trade on Uniswap, leverage farm on Curve, leverage liquid stake on Lido, leverage restake with EigenLayer derivatives, and use 10X more capital on protocols you already love. Making decentralized leverage a reality thanks to Credit Account abstraction, bringing together lending and prime brokerage in the same protocol!

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The leverage you get with Gearbox doesn't get isolated inside its own pools. No perpetuals in here. Your trades and farms are executed with the global $6B+ DEX liquidity on other protocols.

Composable & modular!

Gearbox Protocol has two user sides to it:

  • Lenders deposit assets to earn passive yield, single-asset, no impermanent loss.

  • Meanwhile, leverage users borrow these assets to create spot leverage positions, which can be used across DeFi, NFTs, RWA, etc. That could be margin trading on Uniswap, farming on Curve and Balancer, leverage staking on Lido, running delta-neutral complex strategies, and more. YOU decide. All of that is made possible with Gearbox’s Credit Account abstraction.

The core vision is to become a leverage / credit layer. You can envision building your own DeFi protocol and just making a “take leverage with Gearbox” as a button. And bam - your users are now more capital efficient. Check this page to understand why composable leverage 2.0 is cool.

Cool Features

With V3, Gearbox Protocol has become cooler. It has its own multicall for complex 1-click transactions, smart router automated routing, integrations with Curve + Yearn + Convex + Lido + Maker, segmented pools, organic rates, isolated risks, and more...

  • Modularity. Gearbox Protocol is not just a couple of pools, it's an entire architecture of smart contracts which are plug-and-play enabled. Depending on use cases and risk segmentation, different protocol parts can be reassembled to enable those.

  • Composability. Gearbox does not have its own order book or trading environment. The leverage you get - is used across multiple DeFi protocols and assets, fully composable!

  • 0% Funding Rates. The leverage offered is not based on derivative positions but is instead executed with real assets on third-party protocols. Because Gearbox does not create its own perps, there is no short/long ratio that needs to be maintained with funding rates.

  • Leverage as a Service. Other protocols can offer leverage to their users with the help of Gearbox Protocol, without modifying anything in their own architecture. They can even engage in the Gauge Wars by staking GEAR and making rates for their own protocols more competitive.

  • Permissionless. Positions and trades within Credit Accounts can be extended to include complex strategies and delta-neutral or hedging strategies. YOU decide! In fact, you can make all of these complex things easy to interact with, by using Gearbox's unique multicall features.

Decentralized at heart

  • Non-custodial. CEXes subjectively define leverage parameters and also keep custody of your funds. With Gearbox, you are always in control of your funds. It's all transparent.

  • Community-driven. Gearbox Protocol does not have a company responsible for the protocol or on-chain actions. The goal is to make the protocol work based on how the community wants it.

  • From day 0 the focus has been on community-first History: DAO-First Launch.

MarketMake ETHGlobal 2021 hackathon finalist 🎆

Where is the DAO, how can I contribute?

Gearbox is a DAO, run by various contributors and initiatives. The protocol and assets are never in custody of any one single person. You can be in a DAO but not be 24/7 active, which is okay. There are different ways to get involved and get rewarded for your time and skills. See more:

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