How to open a Credit Account
A quick guide to your first Credit Account.
Learn what a Credit Account is and how it works.
Step 1. Go to Credit Accounts page. Click on the asset you want to provide as collateral. The underlying asset is the asset you trade against, meaning all your positions are denominated in it.
Note 1. Once selected, the underlying asset in that particular account can't be changed. But you can open a new Credit Account with a different collateral asset. More details on how to select an underlying asset you can find in the Strategies section.
You can change the account name and select a skin for your Credit Account.
Step 2. Specify the amount you want to put as collateral. This will be the notional amount from which the leverage X will be calculated. As such, 5 ETH "you pay" notional can be x5 more leverage, so 30 ETH position total.
Step 3. Select the leverage you want to get and click "Open position" button.
Your Credit Account is now fully operational!
Did you find a bug with the interface, something didn't work as you think it should have, or you have a suggestion on how to improve the user experience? Report or suggest on Discord!
Now, time to understand the dashboard:
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