Inside a Credit Account
A walk-through the main functions on Gearbox app interface.
Learn what a Credit Account is and how it works.

Account Parameters

At the top, you can see the balance of your Credit Account denominated in the underlying asset you opened your account in (it uses ChainLink oracle prices to calculate these values).
  • Health Factor - your credit account can be liquidated if it falls below 1;
  • Total Value - current balance of credit account, denominated in the underlying asset;
  • Customize - choose a different look for the background of your Credit Account card;
  • Analytics - check the stats of the pool and other charts in Gearbox-native analytics;
  • Etherscan - see your Credit Account's address, and the assets / transactions.
  • Tokens - the list of allowed tokens as per the policy which you can trade among.
Did you find a bug with the interface, something didn't work as you think it should have, or you have a suggestion on how to improve the user experience? Report or suggest on Discord!
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