Tips for leverage users

A walk-through the main functions on Gearbox app interface.

Learn how to open a Credit Account if you have not done it yet.

Operating a Credit Account: Leverage Farming

After opening a Credit Account and taking a leverage position, you'll be able to see an interface that looks like the one below:

There are 4 tabs inside a Credit Account that let you operate and utilise it to the max potential.

  1. Swap: This is where you can see the leveraged funds you have as well as swap them for a different assets. Swapping can affect your HF so take note of the same by monitoring the right side of the screen. Usually, the interface would give a preview of your HF change.

  2. Farm: Farm is where the real alpha lies. It shows all the strategies that you already are in. And all the strategies for the biggest vaults and pools in DeFi that you could ape into are available in farm without you having to hop protocol from protocol. You just need to select which pool/vault you want to go deploy capital in to - and done.

3. Manage: Manage tab lets you take multiple position management actions in order to help you take care of risk as well as to close your position. The options are listed below:

  • Quota Management: Whether you want to manually increase or decrease your credit line. The interfaces assumes these changes for you when you trade or decrease/increase colateral. -so you don't have to bother with this manual process. However, if you want - you can.

  • Borrow more: If you have good Health Factor and feel like borrowing more and upping the leverage is worth the play - you can use this feature.

  • Decrease Debt: You can repay part of your debt to reduce your risk or to reduce the borrow fee you pay on the capital you borrow.

  • Add collateral: The easiest way to to improve your Health Factor if your Health Factor is getting close to liquidations level, which is < 1.

  • Close Credit Account: The below page will help you manage the same.

  1. Agents: Agents are Gearbots that enable you to automate operations on your CA. This makes features like Limit Order, DCA, Stop Loss and more possible without you actively managing the account at all times. These should come out with V1 of PURE, more on these then.

How to close a Credit Account

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