Leveraged vanilla yVaults

These are the safer strategies that still encapsulate a directional market trade.

ETH yVault

This is the vanilla ETH yVault by Yearn (technically it uses Wrapped ETH, but who’s keeping track).

This vault has access to a variety of strategies including lending ETH on platforms like Aave, Compound, Alpha Homora, 88MPH, and others. Other strategies include supplying ETH on Curve, Balancer for liquidity provision.

To see the full list of possible strategies, you can check out the Yearn docs.

WBTC yVault

This is Yearn vault for WBTC, or wrapped BTC.

The vault uses a large variety of strategies, including lending on Aave and Compound and LPing on Curve and Balancer among a wide variety of other strategies (see the full list of their strategies).

The yield on this vault tends to be quite low as there is not all that much DeFi activity where use of WBTC is required, which in turn means that there is often not that much demand to borrow WBTC.

Still, if you deposit into the WBTC yVault, when there is an opportunity to earn decent yields on WBTC, you can bet that the smart folks over at Yearn will be among the first to find it, so the WBTC yVault is a pretty good place to park your BTC if you’re a bitcoin enthusiast who wants to participate in DeFi.

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