Leveraged Curve V2 and Convex

Curve V2 or Factory pools enable LPing of higher volatility assets, capable of producing higher APYs than bluechip/safer pools: https://app.gearbox.fi/strategies/list.

Tricrypto2 Curve Pool

The tricrypto2 pool comprises of USDT, WBTC and ETH. It’s often used as a sort of index for the two crypto majors when depositing USDT. With Gearbox, you can lever up ETH and deposit into the pool to access leverage. The max leverage available for the pool will be 8.33X. Basis historical APYs, this makes earning low double digit APYs possible.

You can then put those Curve LP tokens in Convex. This will give you some [boosted] CRV rewards as well as CVX rewards, next to trading fees of the pool.

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