Leverage Farming

Delta-neutral strategies across DeFi. Choose pre-made or build your own!

Before you go any further, just know that https://app.gearbox.fi/accounts/ has the list of strategies that ape for you in one click! That's right: you configure your collateral asset(s), debt asset, leverage factor... and it does all of it for you in one click. So if you just wanna do some vanilla farming - this could be the recipe for you.

But keep reading to learn about other hot stuff possible with composable leverage.

While a developer can run all of the complex interactions onchain, executing these by going protocol to protocol is a tough task. Gearbox devs have worked this out, to have the dApp help non-technical users ape into strategies with one click thanks to "One-Click Strategies".

What it enables in 1 go, is:

  • Open a Credit Account based on your preferred collateral, leverage, etc.;

  • Swap assets if needed to the ones needed for a specific farm you chose;

  • LP, stake, etc. to end up in that destination as you have chosen.

Done! From assets X Y Z -> to taking leverage with Gearbox -> to swapping those into other assets -> to depositing and then staking in the protocols you chose. All in one click!

Concrete Examples

Do you have a strategy or idea which you would like to build on top of Gearbox or find community members who could help you out get un-rekt? Jump into Discord!

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