Guards [Multisigs]

Information about guards initiative, also known as multisig signers.

Multisig roles were split into a financial-treasury and technical. Both multisigs were created prior to the deployment ceremony by previous initial core members, as contracts needed to know the wallet addresses. Then, multisig members and a signer count requirement were added after DAO voting procedures. All this can be verified on-chain and Etherscan in logs of respective contracts.

Multisig must execute whatever proposal reaches winning quorum. Given that multisig are members previously enacted by token holders, meaning the DAO, and are semi-public people with big reputation - in extreme cases they could voice against implementing some proposal. However, that could breach trust in the governance model and require immediate action and restructuring. This must be exercised carefully.

Technical Guard | 6/12

Executes proposals which have reached quorum related to technical changes and the protocol.

Ethereum Address: 0xA7D5DDc1b8557914F158076b228AA91eF613f1D5

List of members on the multisig:

  1. zefram.eth - Building 88mphapp, sudoswap, and more. Member of MetaCartel.

  2. Ignacio - Co-Founder of Stakely

  3. van0k - Gearbox protocol developer

  4. 0xmikko - original inventor of Gearbox [on behalf of Gearbox Protocol Limited]

  5. Alex Smirnov - co-founder of deBridge

  6. Simone - developer at DegenScore

  7. Lewi - OG degenerate & ESD summoner

  8. Klim - data analytics and YFI Maximalist

  9. Alex - ex-Neutrino, a lobster and a builder

  10. Lekhovitsky - Gearbox protocol developer

Transactions related to technical changes and protocol improvements are behind a 2-day timelock, and you can transparently observe every stage and queue in the Risk Framework:

Veto / Unpause role | 4/12

Ethereum Address: 0xbb803559B4D58b75E12dd74641AB955e8B0Df40E

A multisig with the same set of singers as the Technical Guard, but a lower 4/12 for faster response.

The veto role is related to the ability to circumvent malicious proposals and transactions, it can only say "no" basically, but can't propose or push anything. The unpause role relates to unpausing.

The pause function was granted to 2 analytical addresses 1/1. They can only pause the protocol, in case their monitoring tools detect issues, in an attempt to stop the protocol from being fully exploited. In case that is possible and the time onchain gives that window.

  • 0xD5C96E5c1E1C84dFD293473fC195BbE7FC8E4840

  • 0x65b384cecb12527da51d52f15b4140ed7fad7308

Treasury Guard | 5/10

Executes proposals which have reached quorum related to spending, grants, and the treasury overall.

Ethereum Address: 0x7b065Fcb0760dF0CEA8CFd144e08554F3CeA73D1

List of members on the multisig:

  1. Stani - founder of Aave, venture partner at Variant Fund

  2. Amplice - lobsterdao member & core DAO contributor on marketing

  3. Pepo - contributor of Wonderland & DeFi LATAM

  4. Sergey - founder of ICODrops

  5. NDW - Castle Capital member and a DeFi degen

  6. apeir99n - original math & product at Gearbox [on behalf of Gearbox Protocol Limited]

  7. Nikitakle - core DAO contributor on marketing & community

  8. Amantay - core DAO contributor on risk & analytics

  9. duckdegen.eth - devrel, ex-Connext [GIP-40]

  10. Vadym - head of product at Kolibrio

Spending and grants paid out can be seen in monthly DAO reports:

Fee Temporary Guard 5/10

Ethereum Address: 0x3E965117A51186e41c2BB58b729A1e518A715e5F

A temporary multisig with the same set of singers as the Treasury Guard. It is created to separate funds from the DAO rounds which are used for the development of the protocol. This Fee Guard collects all fees from the protocol and can later on give control over to an initiative which will focus on staking programs, or whatever else the DAO decides to do. It's a holder of fees for now.

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