Dashboard: Gauge Voting

Voting on gauges for per-epoch quota rates.

In order to be able to vote for different Gauges, a user should stake their GEAR into a Gauge. They can stake to Gauge their GEAR any time, can re-vote for assets any time (even if their assets are in different Gauges). Withdrawing from the Gauge system has a 4-epoch lock. One epoch currently is 1 week, so that is 28 days to unstake. Done for safety.

The process practically goes as follows:

  1. Chose a GEAR mount you want to stake. Approve and then stake.

  1. Choose to which gauges you want to allocate those votes.

  2. Choose whether you are voting to increase or decrease the rates.

  1. Don't refresh the page just yet! Once you are done allocating votes among different gauges, you can select and approve them. You can change your mind later and re-do it all any time.

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