Community Delegates

Become a delate or put your GEAR to use as a holder!
Where is the DAO, how can I contribute?
You can be in a DAO but not be 24/7 active, which is totally okay. There are different ways to get involved and get rewarded for your time and skills.
  • Core contributors: those who day and/or night work on different tasks as core contributors, ranging from marketing to coding. DAO contributors are split among different sub-projects and can decide to work on something specific, or a few tasks at a time. See Notion.
  • Delegates: members who stay on top of protocol strategic ideas and plans, but don’t have the 24/7 to really get hands-on operational tasks. They can become delegates and lead how governance decides on protocol vital things.
  • Shitposters: you can meme, learn, and discuss DeFi in Discord. We’ll like you ;)
Delegates have been an important governance component since even before the MakerDAO times! And it’s time Gearbox DAO enters the game. After a couple of months of testing in prod with small Credit Account limits, it’s soon time to grow, update into v2, add new adapters, and more… there will always be a lot of work governance! As quorums aren’t so low in Gearbox governance (about 20% of possible voting power needs to be hit at the time of writing) - delegation is an imperative part of pushing into quorums any new important decisions on time.

How to delegate your GEAR

It takes literally 1 minute!
  1. 1.
    Choose a delegate you like from the list below. Before delegating, feel free to ask questions in Discord by tagging that delegate, and DYOR on why you have chosen that candidate. Check their forum history, see for what they stand for in terms of strategy ideas.
2. Go to and connect the wallet where you have your GEAR. Don’t worry, just connecting is safe.
3. Insert a delegate's address or ENS and click confirm. This will cost a little bit of gas. This is just a delegate function, you are not giving any approvals or other scary things. Besides, your GEAR is not locked. You can undelegate or move them freely. But if you do either one of these things, your delegate will lose the corresponding number of votes, of course.
Overall, the list is just to help you check who is an active Delegate responsible for keeping Gearbox DAO and protocol secure and vibrant. You can ask questions before delegating to any one candidate in Discord, and check their previous history. For example, this Messari board can help you see what and how delegates voted.

Why would you delegate your GEAR

Before the DAO comes up with a staking module and more complex tokenomics - GEAR primary utility as intended - is to be used in governance. As such, if you are not voting yourself but holding GEAR, there is no reason not to delegate! It’s a super cheap one transaction, and doesn’t make your tokens locked or anything. You can transfer them out or undelegate at any point in time. Help make Gearbox DAO governance more efficient and hit quorums faster!
In general, delegation is also important to allow smaller community members to unite and push for their voices to be heard. As such, hard-working and smart yet not *rich* members can be able to meet the proposal creation quorums and thus Gearbox DAO - more inclusive and secure.

How to be a Delegate

First, to qualify, and just as a generally good candidate, you should:
  • Have an active forum and/or discord profile, and optionally - twitter. Spread the word!
  • Be on as many contributor calls as possible. After all, they are bi-weekly at most, so they shouldn’t take too much of your time. You need to be on top of the discussions.
  • Try to be reachable from time to time so that those who delegated to you can ask questions and see what your viewpoint is on certain topics. Participate in forum and discord discussions where you think it is necessary. You are a governance member, so - govern!
Basically, if you are a good active member who also votes and tries to move the project forward - you are a perfect Delegate! Don’t worry too much about the other small things.
Second, make an intro message on the forum and then fill in the form.
Fill in this short info form to be in the list below.
In case you submitted the form but do not see yourself on the list, it's likely that you:
  • made a very shallow or even spammy intro post on forum;
  • did not include a link to the forum intro post at all;
  • your address or other field was not submitted properly;
  • you have no Discord or other community presence in the context of Gearbox.
Put a bit of thought into your submission and do it again. Let's make governance cool!
Join Discord and ask any questions you still have!