Farm: depositing into protocols

How you can farm in Convex, Yearn, Lido, and more.
This tab is a selection of farms (protocols where you can deposit capital). Since LP tokens of protocols usually do not have secondary market liquidity, depositing-withdrawing actions are better for a user to avoid slippage. That is why these actions are not on the Trade: swapping assets tab.
Once you deposit in a farm, you can top up or partly / fully exit.
From A to Yearn deposit [swap->deposit->deposit LP tokens] in one click!
  • You can ape into farm with any asset you have. Smart Router will choose the best trade-swap-deposit route for you, so you don't have to think twice before going in.
  • Once you get some rewards like CVX, LDO, CRV, or other emissions which require a claim action - the button will appear at the top of the Farm tab. You can claim whenever.
  • You can choose to exit into an absolutely different asset too, thanks to Smart Router!

Claiming farming rewards

This is also where you claim your LDO, CVX, CRV, and other rewards from farms:
Go to the Farm tab inside your Credit Account view
Claim the rewards, done. See their LTVs in Allowed List