[Farming] Long
How to go long ETH or some other asset with the help of Gearbox.
If you want to go long ETH to USDC, you need to open a Credit Account denominated in a stable coin. Then you can use those extra stables you got from leverage and buy more ETH with your Credit Account. The same strategy goes for going long ETH against BTC or some other asset.

Farming Long

After that, you can put the ETH into Yearn or whatever other farming protocol is available. Depending on interest rates in Gearbox Protocol and interest rates in Yearn or another farming protocol, you can actually get a self-repaying long or even a net-paying long.
It doesn't matter which third-party protocol - Uniswap, Sushiswap, etc. - you choose. You decide where you want the trade to be executed. After a transaction is confirmed, your long is in effect.
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